About Us

Allianz Overseas has been serving industry clients for more than 16 years. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and it exceeds industry standards by providing quality services, integrated supply chain and logistics solutions to consistently meet the requirements of clients all over India. It is the 9th and youngest Indian logistics company to be listed on the main board of the country’s premier “Bombay Stock Exchange” (BSE).

Allianz Overseas has evolved as a company with a strong work culture built on trust between employees and the management and transparency among its various departments. With a “Never Give Up” spirit, more than 80% of its employees have been serving the organization since its formation. As a premium logistics service , the company has grown increasingly popular for providing cost-effective, timely and efficient services. Our operations cover all transportation routes which are namely rail, air, ocean and ground/road. We are closely associated with international freight forwarders, Custom Clearance Agents, Transporters, Custom consultants and Project transportation specialists in shipping, clearing and forwarding businesses.

We work in different industries applying the methodology which is best suited for a particular industry. At Allianz Overseas, we understand the global language of supply chain management and our hundreds of skilled professionals provide integrated logistics solutions to our clients across a diverse range of industry verticals such as Construction/Infrastructure, Automobile, Aviation, Defence, Energy/Oil&Refinery, Telecom, Healthcare and many others.